Sitecore Connect: Monitoring & Investigating failed jobs efficiently

Sitecore Connect is a powerful iPaaS platform with a huge collection of connectors. While integrations can be built swiftly, it is inevitable that we may run into challenges like job failures, etc.

When we encounter such challenges, for troubleshooting further, you can navigate to the ‘Jobs’ section of the failed recipe. Open the failed job and select the failed step highlighted by Sitecore Connect with an error icon. The panel that opens includes a ‘Debug’ tab as highlighted in the below screenshot. This tab includes the Network request & response headers, payload and the response, which was sent from Sitecore Connect to the associated application(Eg: Send). This will give you more insights on what happened in the background and helps you identify the root cause quickly.

Once you fix the issue, you may use the ‘Repeat this Job’ option to re-run the failed job.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this Network Trace data is available only for 24 hours, and you will need to repeat job using ‘Repeat this Job’ button if this Network Trace data is lost. It is recommended to send these error alerts to Teams/Slack (as highlighted in the above screenshot) to be able track and address these failures immediately.

Hope you found this blog helpful and saved some time for you!

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