Sitecore Connect: How to share your recipe with the Sitecore Community

Sitecore Connect stands out due to its diverse selection of Community Connectors & Recipes, which prove to be a time-saving boon for system integrators during application integration. During my effort to publish a recipe to the community, I encountered an obstacle as I couldn’t locate that exact option.

Then I tried exploring the documentation from Workato, the platform powering Sitecore Connect. I figured that this could be achieved using the ‘Publish Recipe’ option, which should be within Recipe -> Settings -> Sharing, and this option must be enabled from Account Settings(Account settings > Community > Community listings > Allow recipes to be listed on community) for which we as Sitecore Connect users won’t have access. So I have created a Sitecore Support case(hope it should be addressed soon). 

However, for now, if you are looking to share recipes with the community, you could use the Recipe -> Settings -> Sharing -> ‘Generate Link’ option. This generated recipe link will be accessible to all Sitecore Connect users globally, and you can share the link via your blog post. Ensure to remove any business-sensitive information.

Hope you found this blog helpful and saved some time for you!

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