Sitecore Connect: How to Upgrade a Community Connector

Sitecore Connect offers an extensive array of community connectors, empowering you to supercharge your integration development. These connectors, passionately curated and continually enhanced by their creators, receive regular updates, ensuring your integration journey stays ahead with new features and enhancements released almost every month. Although updating these connectors is a swift task, it took me some time to locate the update option and formulate a process for future upgrades.

To check for updates or upgrade a connector, you will need to navigate to Tools -> Connector SDK and select the intended connector. You will notice a banner as indicated below with an option to update the connector whenever there is a new version available. Please note that this option is not available via Community Library page where you might have installed your connector. It is recommended to review the changes before you update to avoid any disruption to your existing connections. You can also test the connector before the update leveraging the Test code option.

Once updated, you can release the connector in your workspace by selecting ‘Release latest version’ button. You can now see the recent updates in the recipes/connections wherever this connector is being used.

If you had manually updated any community connector to suit your needs, you will need to manually add your changes again after the update as this operation will overwrite your changes. To go back to the previous version, you could select the intended version from the Versions tab and select ‘Restore this version’ option as shown below,

To get notified about these connector updates from Community/Workato, you could subscribe to Workato’s Changelog from this page.

I trust you found this blog post beneficial and that it saved you some valuable time!

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