SOLVED: Unable to create Teams Workbot in Sitecore Connect

As you explore the possibilities within Sitecore Connect, you might stumble upon the “Workbot” option under the Tools section. This intriguing feature allows you to build enterprise Workbots for both Slack and Microsoft Teams, with which you can post messages in chats & channels and even execute changes within connected apps directly from these platforms. However, the ‘Install a bot’ option within the “Workbot” page would always redirect to the Slack Workbot connection page.

As an attempt to mitigate this, I was exploring Workato, the automation platform that powers Sitecore Connect to understand how Teams Workbot works and I figured that Workato adds a different querystring ‘teams_bot’ in the Connection page for Teams Workbot. And yes, I’m able to create a Microsoft Teams Workbot connection within Sitecore Connect by changing the provider querystring value from ‘slack_bot’ to ‘teams_bot’ in the redirected URL, and I was able to create a Teams Workbot as well successfully!

Hope you found this blog helpful and saved some time for you!

NOTE: I have created a Sitecore Support case and hoping it should be addressed at the UX level soon.

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