Accelerating Workflow Process with Sitecore + Microsoft Teams Integration Module

It is highly important to equip Content Authors with required tools/integrations that will help them to accomplish tasks with minimal clicks possible. When it comes to involvement of more than one person (Content Author, Content Approver), there is a high possibility of delays in taking updates live that might be time-sensitive due to expected/unexpected communication delays.

Automating this communication effectively through the business communication/collaboration platform along with quick actions(approve/reject), will not only avoid the delays but also help to optimize time & work. This module allows seamless integration of Sitecore Workflow with Microsoft Teams (which is now replacing Skype).

The module can be downloaded from the below links,
Sitecore – Microsoft Teams Integration for SPE 6.x
Sitecore – Microsoft Teams Integration for SPE 5.x


  • This module is built on top of Sitecore Powershell Extensions (SPE), please make sure SPE is installed before installing this module
  • This module uses Sitecore Feed Urls, hence Approvals reside behind Sitecore Security and the links will prompt the Content Approver to authenticate before approving/rejecting the updates (if not logged in already)


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Creating Microsoft Teams Channel:

  • Navigate to ‘Teams’ section of Microsoft Teams from left navigation bar and click on ‘Join or Create a Team’ Button
  • Select ‘Build a team from scratch’ (or) ‘Create from an existing team’ to create the team/channel
  • Provide Name (preferably ‘Workflow Moderators’) & Description for the Team and add required Content Authors & Approvers

Adding WebHook:

  • Once the team/channel is created, click on the ‘More Options’ (three dots) button available in the top right corner and click on ‘Connectors’
  • Search for ‘Incoming Webhook’ in the opening popup and click on ‘Add’ button
  • Add Name(preferably ‘Sitecore Workflow’) and Image, and click on ‘Create’ button
  • Copy the ‘WebHook URI’ which is appearing before closing the window
  • Navigate to \App_Config\Include\Sitecore+MicrosoftTeams.Integration.config file and paste the copied WebHook URI within value attribute of ‘Teams.WebhookURI’ setting,

Setting up Workflow Notifications:

  • Navigate to the Workflow for which the Notifications have to be setup
  • Right-Click Submit Action of Draft State, click on Insert -> PowerShell Action and Enter name as ‘Awaiting Approval Notification’
  • Select ‘Script Library/Sitecore + Microsoft Teams Integration/Workflow/Awaiting Approval Notification’ for ‘Script’ field in the newly created ‘Awaiting Approval Notification’ item
  • Similarly, add PowerShell Actions under Approve & Reject actions and choose ‘Script Library/Sitecore + Microsoft Teams Integration/Workflow/Approved Notification’ & ‘Script Library/Sitecore + Microsoft Teams Integration/Workflow/Rejected Notification’ for ‘Script’ field respectively
  • If you’re using Sitecore Powershell Extensions version 6.1.1 or older, you will be needing to update the ‘Type string’ field value as ‘Sitecore.MicrosoftTeams.Integration.Workflows.ScriptAction, Sitecore.MicrosoftTeams.Integration’ (this ScriptAction class comes with the module) for ‘Approved Notification’ and ‘Rejected Notification’ items in case if you face the error described in

The configuration is now complete!
Awaiting Approval, Approved and Rejected Notifications should now be appearing in the configured Teams Channel.

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