Extend Sitecore Experience to China

China being one of the top economies in the world, huge number of business entities are focusing to expand their services in China. Since websites are the face of the organization, it is highly crucial to have the websites perform better across different intended geographies for better user experience, but performance is a huge concern for websites in China when hosted outside of the country. While adding Content Delivery Network (CDN) usually improves the performance for different countries which are farther from the hosting servers, CDN setup process works little different for China. Continue reading “Extend Sitecore Experience to China”

Integrating Sitefinity with Azure AD B2C for Front End User Authentication

Sitefinity CMS supports out-of-the-box integration with multiple external identity providers like Windows Authentication, ADFS, Facebook and Google. But the support for the emerging cloud-based identity management solution, Azure Active Directory B2C, is not included out-of-the-box. Reason being is the policy framework of Azure B2C which is not supported by Sitefinity. Continue reading “Integrating Sitefinity with Azure AD B2C for Front End User Authentication”